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One Step


ONE STEP is a pine jelly heavy duty cleaner that deodourises and disinfects as it cleans. It contains no free alkaline or abrasive materials but gives results usually obtained only with solvents or harsh alkali. ONE STEP rinses freely and leaves a fresh pine aroma.

ONE STEP has a wide range of cleaning purposes including hard floor surfaces, ceramic and quarry tiles, linoleum, thermoplastic, vinyl, P.V.C, sealed timber and cork. It gives excellent results on walls and paintwork, toilet blocks, showers, bath areas and removes traffic film from vehicles.

INSTRUCTIONS For normal cleaning/light soilage dilute 50ml ONE STEP to 5lt of warm water, apply solution with a mop. Leave in contact for 2-3 minutes then wring mop and dry the cleaned area, can also be used with a buffing machine. For heavy soilage dilute 100ml ONE STEP to 5lt warm water and leave 4-5 minutes before mopping clean. Spray cleaning, dilute 50ml ONE STEP to 1lt warm water, spray on, wipe off clean and dry. Available in 5Lt

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