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HANDSAFE is specially formulated to offer superior hand cleaning which will remove the most stubborn dirt, grease and grime whilst still being gentle on the skin.

HANDSAFE is effective in the cleaning of oil, greases, inks, paints, dyes and carbon black.

INSTRUCTIONS Apply HANDSAFE directly to dry skin and rub in well especially around finger nails, cuticles and wrists. Either rinse off with water and dry hands or just dry with a paper towel.

HANDSAFE can be re-applied to wet skin should this be necessary.

HEALTH AND SAFETY No significant hazards will arise following the correct usage. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep from freezing. Flush eye contact with water and seek medical advice if swallowed.

HANDSAFE is available in a case of 2 x 5lt bottles, supplied with a pump dispenser

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